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Added January 2010

Here are some pictures of blueberry plants growing around our farm.  There never seems enough time to take pictures, and after watching my cell phone slip from its pocket into a vat of liquid fish concentrate, I'm leery of carrying around an expensive, digital camera.  It's too dark at night when I'm done working to go back out and shoot, and so the days run away like wild horses over the hills.  When Fall arrives, I have more time, but no berries are left.  I hope our intern this year will be able to spend some time  documenting our berries.  Forgive my work hands in the pictures...there were no photo doubles on hand.....

These are all thumbnails, so just roll over the picture to see the title, and click on it for a larger image to appear.

Pictures of Hannah's Choice blueberry

Hannah's Choice blueberry and Keith's "green" thumb

Hannah's Choice blueberry clusters


Pictures of Elizabeth blueberry

Elizabeth blueberries

Pictures of Friendship blueberries

Friendship blueberry

Pictures of Polaris blueberries

Polaris blueberry

Pictures of North Sky blueberries

Little North Sky

Pictures of Northblue blueberries

Northblue berries in 6 year old's hand

Pictures of Jewell raspberries

Jewell and wild blackraspberries compared
Here are compared Jewell black raspberries (at top of plate) with wild black raspberries (at bottom of plate).  Jewell yields so much more than the wild black raspberries.  As Jewell is great at naturalizing (spreading fast!), it is wonderful to plant out away from your house, especially if you have a partially sunny creek near which they can grow

More coming in 2010!.