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Specializing in Organically Grown Blueberry, Blackberry, and Red Raspberry Plants

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Our home page.

Plant Care
Seasonal list of duties and fertilizing schedules that we use here on our farm for healthy plant growth and berry production.

A list of soil amendments and fertilizers that we sell that helps one to grow berry plants and vegetables organically.

Contact us here, by phone, post, or email.

Frequently asked questions about berry plants.

Photo Gallery
Coming soon, hopefully.

Blueberry Plants
Our listing of blueberry plants that we sell.

Strawberry Plants
Our listing of strawberry plants that we sell.

Raspberry and Blackberry Plants
Our listing of brambles that we sell

Pricing, Ordering, and Shipping
Plant price table, how to order, and how we ship the plants to you.

Printable Order Form
Print this form to mail your order and check to us.

Planting Guides
Key information on how to plant your berry plants so that you get the best growth and health from them.