Blueberry Large Plug Collection Certified Organic


Blueberry Large Plug Collection certified organic
For USDA Growing Zones  6, 7, 8 and 9
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Blueberry Large Plug Collection (certified organic)

This Collection is geared for the more experienced grower, as the plants are a large plug and not potted. They require a bit more attention to watering and feeding to size them up quickly, but are also a very economical deal for gardeners in warmer zones (6-9) looking to expand their blueberry plantings.  The collection contains 5 blueberry plants (large plug, well rooted) of the following cultivars: Pearl (x2), O’Neal (x2) and Colibri (x1).  I have tasted the berries on these cultivars over the past 5 years and they all are nice and sweet with good size (medium up to large size berry).  These all work well for southern growing zones in USDA ratings 6 to 9 (Colibri will do very well in zone 10 and if you are interested in JUST Colibri email me and I can adjust the collection to be 5 Colibri plugs…Colibri is completely self pollinating).
Plugs are ready to ship USPS. Usually ship week following ordering this time of year. We are watching for heat domes out west and may delay shipping during heat events in the western US during the summer.

For USDA Growing Zones 6 to 9
Free Shipping
This collection cannot be shipped to Oregon