‘Salem’ Rosemary certified organic plant


‘Salem’ Rosemary Certified Organic Plant
USDA zones (5)6-9
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‘Salem’ Rosemary certified organic plant

‘Salem’ rosemary has been a rosemary cultivar I have grown for over 12 years. It is a very compact form with excellent winter hardiness. I have not had it survive unprotected here at our 5b farm, but it has overwintered well in large pots in our cold frame. It has overwintered in S. Indiana and Louisville, KY, which are zone 6.  This cultivar makes a great potted rosemary due to it’s short internode length. This product has free shipping but also has a price reduction if purchased with a cart total of more than $100.
USDA hardiness zones 6-9
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The gallery picture of me and the giant Salem rosemary is one I have had for a few years in a 12 gallon pot. It winters in our greenhouse, which freezes, but the rosemary is protected from drying winter sun and wind.