Yambu Organic Strawberry Quart Size Plant 4-pack


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Yambu organic strawberry
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Yambu Organic Strawberry
Quart Size 4-plant pack

Yambu is a new cultivar to the US that I have been trialing at our farm here in Indiana for the past six years. It was first selected in the Netherlands in 2003 (from a cross made in 2001) by Fresh Forward.
It ripens a little after or concurrently with Honeoye, which is still seen as the measure of strawberry success here in the Midwest (especially for organic growers).
What I’ve found in the short time I’ve grown it is this: it has a nice large berry that is very sweet despite some adverse weather over the past four harvest seasons. Yambu has a slightly longer harvest time compared to Honeoye, but the two are very compatible in vigor and yield. Honeoye is one of Yambu’s parents, so this similarity is not unexpected. The berry of Yambu is a little firmer than Honeoye, and seems to have fewer “seeds” on the berry. Diversity is a great thing to have in the organic garden, and I have been very pleased with Yambu’s performance so far.
USDA hardiness zones 4-7

Plants ready to ship in mid May.
For this offer, you get 4, quart size, potted strawberry plants. Plants ship to anywhere in the contiguous USA. Email me for Alaskan shipping (added fee applies); no shipment to HI, PR, or US territories.
NOTE: quantity discount applied to strawberry 4-pack offers (can be mixed).
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All strawberry plants are Certified Organic and Non-GMO, grown here on our farm in Indiana.