Organic Elderberry Collection


Elderberry Collection-4 quart size plants
one each of 4 different cultivars
USDA hardiness zones 5-8
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Organic Elderberry Collection
Quart Size pots
(Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis)

This collection includes 4 elderberry plants grown and shipped in quart size pots (the same pots our 1-year blueberries and strawberries are grown in). The collection is 1 each of 4 different cultivars.
They are Ranch, Adams, Wyldewood, and Bob Gordon.

The first two are traditional cultivars that have been around for a very long time, as they have proven very productive and reliable. Wyldewood and Bob Gordon are somewhat newer. Wyldewood is from Oklahoma, and is one of the latest ripening cultivars available. Wyldewood and Bob Gordon (which has larger and usually sweeter berries than many other cultivars) can be cut to the ground each fall (after dormancy). This practice works well in zones 6-8, and they will produce fruit the following year on the primocane stems (new growth in spring from the crown).
Adams and Ranch grow to 8′ and 10′, respectively; Wyldewood and Bob Gordon will be around 6′ if managed exclusively for primocane stems.

This collection is good for USDA zones 4-8. The Elderberry Collection appears under the “Self-Pollinating” category as all 4 cultivars will cross pollinate when planted near each other.
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