Witch-Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)


Witch-hazel (H. virginiana) quart pot or 2-gallon size potted organic  plant.
USDA Hardiness zone 3 to 9

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Witch-Hazel organic quart or 2-gal potted plant

Witch-hazel is a nice shrub for wildlife.  It grows well under the shade of hardwood trees, as well as in the full sun.  The more direct sun it receives, the more heavily it will flower.  For our location in zone 6 (south central Indiana), witch-hazel usually blooms in the late winter (depending on the temperatures).  Bloom time can happen here between mid-January to late February.  In more northern locations bloom time can occur in the late fall.
Seed pods take a year to mature, and often (depending on the weather) make a popping sound as they open and send the seeds out into the world.  The plants around our farm grow in the bottoms of hollers or along creeks, though we do find them populating the north slopes of hills as well.  They are a shrubby tree, multi-trunk and can get up to 15′ tall though most around our area in the 8-10′ range.  Space at least 20′ apart from other shrubs unless you’d like to make a hedge. For that, space them 10′ apart.

Recommended  in USDA  growing zones 3-9.

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