Shipping and Guarantee

All of the Berry Collections on our site have free shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay.  This free shipping offer is only for the Contiguous USA, and does not extend to Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US Territory or Protectorate.

Our larger plants ship with UPS Ground calculated shipping for your address. Our boxes are 47″ long, so they accommodate our larger 2 gal plants very well.  I will always try to get the plants as securely packed as possible for safe travel.  If you have any questions about shipping don’t hesitate to send me an email (  If you are planning on ordering a larger number of 2 gal plants (over 20 for instance), or would like to come pickup your order, email me and I can give you more details on pricing for shipping and local pickup discounts.

For a look at how we pack your plants so they arrive safely to you, see this post on our website.


Our Guarantee is to sell and ship cultivars true to name and free of any disease or damaging pests.  Plants are packed securely when shipped but accidents can happen. IF you receive plants that have been severely damaged in shipment, take some pictures and send them to my email address ( and keep the box(es) until you hear from me.  Some small breakage of tips or leaves is not considered detrimental to the plant, and does not count as damage for replacement purposes.  Any plants damaged in shipment I will replace and ship at no cost to you. If a plant dies after you plant it out, and you have planted it according to our guide and tended it (i.e. watering), we can discuss options for replacement. At most I would replace the plant at no cost to purchaser, but shipping cost would be borne by the purchaser. At no point would shipping cost be refunded for an order that has already been delivered.

Any personal information you provide to Backyard Berry Plants will be solely for use with regards to our commercial interaction and promotion with  you as our  customer;  and will not be sold, given or otherwise provided to any other business or individual.