Autumn Bliss Primocane Organic Red Raspberry Plant


Autumn Bliss primocane red raspberry 2 gallon plant
USDA Hardiness zone 3a-11

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Autumn Bliss Red Raspberry
2 gallon size potted plant

Autumn Bliss (released in 1984) was the first fall red raspberry cultivar I planted when we decided to get into raspberry production.  More productive cultivars have come along since then, but Autumn Bliss has shown  a strong annual consistency and resistance to foul weather and heat.  The fruit is excellent, very sweet, with firm berries excellent for fresh eating or freezing.  Canes grow to about 4.5 to 5 feet tall, and I usually trellis them to keep fruit up off of the ground.  Large berries, nice red color and a conic shape.  Flavor is perhaps a bit better than Autumn Britten, though Britten is slightly more productive and uniform (they are sister cultivars from the same breeding program in East Malling, England).  Of all the raspberries we grow, Bliss has been the constant favorite of my wife.  Ripens before Caroline and Nantahala (some overlap).
Hardiness zones 3a to 11.

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