Organic Low-Chill/Southern Highbush Blueberry Special

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Low-chill/Southern Highbush Blueberry Special certified organic
For USDA Growing Zones 6,7,8, and 9
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Organic Low-chill/Southern Highbush Blueberry Special (certified organic)

This Collection of 8 plants is geared for the  grower that wants to increase their planting area with younger, quart size plants. These plants are field ready and very chunky.
They will put on some good growth if planted this summer. If starting with quart plants I always suggest the first year  or two to plan on protecting from rabbits over the winter.
These plants are between 18-28″ in height, potted and field ready.
The collection contains 8 blueberry plants (quart size) of the following cultivars:
Carteret x2
Pearl x2
Gupton x2
Robeson x2
These are all cultivars that have done very well here at our farm, as well as in many locations in the US in USDA zones 6-9.  Robeson is early to ripen, followed by Carteret and then Gupton and Pearl.  For more information on cultivars see their specific entries on our website.

For USDA Growing Zones 6 to 9
Free Shipping
This collection cannot be shipped to Oregon, Washington or California