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Certified Organic Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and more!

Here you can peruse and select which organic berry plants you’d like to start growing (or add to your existing berry garden!) for yourself, your family, and your customers (if  you are a market grower).
The Categories listed to the left will isolate particular types of berry plants for you to look at, whereas the below products are generally listed alphabetically regardless of berry type. Our 2 gallon size potted berry plants are large and robust, and ship in large boxes via UPS Ground. As noted on our Shipping Info Page, we can ship to any state in the contiguous U.S.
Our Organic Berry Collections are a great and affordable way to get into berry growing. The Collections have no ground shipping cost to pay, and provide you with younger, well-rooted plants that are just 1-1½ years behind our larger 2 gallon stock. Following our Planting Guide and Plant Care guidelines, these younger plants will flourish.

Payment and Terms

Backyard Berry Plants accepts payment through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay your cart total. You may use any major credit card. All you need to do when you get the PayPal login page is to look for the “Pay With Credit Card” link on that page (usually below the login info) and click that. Your order will be processed securely via PayPal. Payment will reserve your plants for the proper ship time, and when I get your order I will review it and contact you if there are any issues. Also I will contact you to give you an estimated ship time. Please note that if you are ordering in the spring, that orders ship out based on climate and when the order was received.  Spring orders may not ship the same week you order, as there will likely be many winter orders ahead of yours waiting for me to ship. We are a small family nursery and while we do the best we can for timely shipping, we certainly appreciate your patience as we work to make sure everyone’s order is fulfilled with diligence and care.  If you have a specific time frame you’d like to have the plants arrive, you may leave that comment in a text box on the checkout page (an order comment box). We cannot however guarantee a specific ship date, but we can accommodate “NO-SHIP” windows for when you may be gone or unavailable to receive shipment.

Back-ordered Berry Collections will ship when they are back in stock or at a time you prefer (after back in stock of course).  Back Ordered Ground Shipping Plants (which are all of the 2 gallon sized plants except those in a collection) will ship when they are back in stock as well, following previous terms. Back ordered plants are usually spring planted and given a few months to size up for shipping, so they usually ship in June.  Items that are out of stock cannot be ordered as the date they will be ready is often many months out or the next year (takes a while to grow a plant and get it ready for shipping).

See our Guarantee as regards our plants and liability.

Please enjoy your time on our site, and be sure to see our other informative pages for great info on growing and caring for your organic berry plants. Never hesitate to send an email to me with questions. Also, I know some customers prefer to send checks, and we still  accept those. Just download or print the Order Form, and fill in. You can get your shipping cost (if any) by just filling your cart with what you’d want to order and going to the checkout page to see the shipping cost.

Our goal with this  nursery is to sell high quality, well rooted organic plants; and support customers as they grow with  their plants into successful berry growers. Happy Growing!  Keith



Showing 1–16 of 143 results

Showing 1–16 of 143 results