Jersey Highbush Organic Blueberry Plant


Jersey Highbush Blueberry 2 gal size potted plant
USDA Hardiness zones 4b-8

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Jersey Highbush Organic Blueberry Plant
2-gallon size potted plant

This is an heirloom cultivar that has weathered drought, flooding, locusts, and neglect (the Four Horsemen of farming) here on our farm.  Jersey has been very productive on our farm when planted with the soil-less method listed on our Planting Guide.  Production ranges between 8-10# of medium sized, deep blue berries.  Jersey’s berries develop their sweetness about 3-5 days after turning blue, which often gives it an unfair report of tartness by over-eager pickers.  Given a little time, Jersey is one of the sweetest, most complex flavored blueberries one can try.   Jersey is tough, as well, being the sole survivor of a test planting that included six other varieties (Earliblue, Blue Jay, Ivanhoe, Herbert, Coville, and Duke).
Hardy in USDA Zones 4b-8

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