Marseilles Organic Potted Fig Plant


Marseilles Organic Potted Fig Plant
For container culture USDA zones 4, 5, and 6
For in ground planting USDA zones 7,8,and 9
FREE SHIPPING On QUART size potted plant ONLY
DISCOUNT $12 OFF Each Quart size fig when you order between 2 to 8, quart size fig plants


Marseilles Organic Potted Fig Plant

The ripe figs of Marseilles are a deep golden yellow, with bright pink interior flesh. Very sweet, they are the first figs to ripen of the cultivars  I sell. Slightly less hardy than Chicago, I still recommend growing as an outdoor container plant in USDA zones 5-6 (bring in for winter after frost makes them go dormant) for best fig production. In USDA zones 7 through 9 it can be grown outdoors in the ground.

Order between 2 to 8 QUART size figs and get $12 off each quart pot fig price!!

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