Berry Plant Trial/Starter Collection

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Berry Plant Trial/Starter Collection  4-plants  Our Choice of Cultivars Suited to Your Climate
For USDA Growing Zones 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Free Shipping–This collection cannot be shipped to Oregon

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Berry Plant Trial/Starter Collection

This Collection is a great one to get if you are new to berry growing and want to get a diversity of berry plants to see how they perform for you. We have a great selection of plants and we will select the best cultivars for your growing zone and latitude.  The cultivars we will use for this Collection have proven time and again their hardiness and vigor for their respective latitudes.

All plants in this collection are 1 to 1.5 years old. They are quart size, potted plants (not bare root).  They range in height from 12″ to 20″ depending upon cultivar.   Collection covers plants that will grow well in USDA Zones 5 to 9.

This Trial/Starter Collection of 4 quart size berry plants will contain 2 blueberry plants (both different cultivars), 1 red raspberry plant, and either 1 blackberry or black raspberry plant. Based on your growing location, I will pick a combination of cultivars  that will do great for your climate.  For zone 5 I will likely use a black raspberry as they are much more cold hardy than blackberries; while USDA zone 6 to 9 will get a blackberry.  These cultivars are drawn from the listings on our website, and ALL PLANTS will be labelled so you know what you are getting.
All blueberry cultivars will be highbush-type (or including some rabbiteye if in southern, lower-chill climate), so NO lowbush blueberry cultivars are included in this offer.

The possible raspberry cultivars I will be selecting from for this collection are as follows:  Autumn Bliss, Autumn Britten,  Jaclyn, Nova, Jewel black raspberry, and Ohio Treasure black raspberry.  Blackberries would be Arapaho, Natchez or Triple Crown.  Blueberries would be Patriot, Honey Creek or Elizabeth.
Please no requests for specific cultivars with this special collection.


For USDA Growing Zones 5 to 9
Free Shipping
This collection cannot be shipped to Oregon (unless you specify that you’d like me to substitute raspberry or blackberry for the 2 blueberries).