Ohio’s Treasure Primocane Producing Organic Black Raspberry


Ohio’s Treasure primocane (i.e. “fall”) producing black raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 3-8

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Ohio’s Treasure Primocane Fruiting Black Raspberry
2-gallon pot

This is one of the first generation of primocane fruiting black raspberries. It will grow and produce like other black raspberries, but will have a crop on the primocanes in the late summer to early fall. If grown with both floricane and primocane production (as an “everbearing” type), the fall yield will be about a half pound of medium size berries. If you cut down the canes every late winter, and only take the primocane crop in late summer (highly recommended), the total fall yield will be 2-3# of berries per plant. Ripening in USDA zone 5 will begin in mid August and go up to the first frosts.
Berries have the same great flavor of the other black raspberry cultivars, but now you can have them at the end of the berry season as well.
USDA hardiness zones 3-8 (primocane crop for zones 5 and warmer)


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