Onslow Rabbiteye Organic Blueberry Plant


Onslow Rabbiteye Blueberry 2 gal size potted plant

USDA Hardiness zones 6a-9b

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Onslow Rabbiteye Organic Blueberry Plant

Onslow was released in 2001 by North Carolina State University.  It is one of the few self-pollinating rabbiteye blueberries, but berries tend to be larger with pollination from either Columbus or De Soto (or other late blooming rabbiteye cultivars).  Onslow’s berries are large, and yield is between 9-11# on a mature bush.  Berries are bright blue with sweet and aromatic flavor when fully ripe.  Like Columbus, the berries are very resistant to cracking in wet weather. Ripening for Onslow in Georgia will be mid-late June through early August. In Kentucky, it will be late July to e. September.
USDA hardiness zones 6a-9b

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