Osage Organic Blackberry Plant


Osage blackberry plant 2 gal 24″-40″
USDA Hardiness zones 5b-10

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Osage Blackberry
2-gallon sized potted blackberry plant

Osage is another cultivar from the University of Arkansas’s blackberry breeding program. They have been angling for improved sweetness and sturdier berries to resist berry rots. Osage is the thirteenth release from this effort, and has been very productive on our farm.  Berry size is medium with small seed size.  Osage ripens in the earlier part of the blackberry season.  On our farm, I have seen it ripen later than Natchez, and a little earlier than Ouachita. Flavor is sweet when full ripe, and the berries maintain a  nice firmness. This is great if you want to keep some in the fridge and not have them slump after a couple days. Osage is a good one for the farm market as well, as it is both firmer than the old cultivars yet much sweeter.
Hardy in USDA zones 5b-10.


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