Polka Primocane Producing Organic Red Raspberry Plant


Polka primocane producing red raspberry
USDA hardiness zones 4a-8b

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Polka Red Raspberry
2 gallon size potted plant

This cultivar was developed in Poland. The berry color is a light red, with good firmness, conical shape and a sweet flavor.  Polka  can get to be one of the tallest of the primocane types I sell, which means it also has the potential for being the highest producing. The key to it’s  strong growth is to feed it regularly, with a good top dressing in spring (when daffodils are in full bloom) and another 6-8 weeks later.  Follow that with our liquid fertilizer  recipe (see Plant Care guides on website) and one can maximize growth and production with Polka.  This cultivar has done well here over the years I have grown it, and regularly ripens its fall crop before Caroline and Heritage by 2-3 weeks, and concurrently with Autumn Bliss and Britten.
USDA Hardiness zone 4 to 8b.

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