Wendy Organic Strawberry Quart Size Plant 4-pack


Strawberry Quart Size Plant Offer, 4 potted plants in offer
Wendy organic strawberry
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Wendy Organic Strawberry
Quart Size 4-plant pack

Wendy is a very early-season producer of consistently large, sweet strawberries.  This cultivar is very early to bloom, and in our frosty valley I always have some freeze blankets ready for covering the blooms.  I’ve had excellent production after late April temps in the mid 20’s, as long as I kept the beds covered with 3 oz freeze blanket (you can also double up 1.5 oz to gain that benefit).  Freezes below that temp saw some loss of production, but the berry size was large and excellent.  Wendy was developed at the Kentville Research Station in Nova Scotia, and is very winter hardy (I always keep our beds covered overwinter with freeze blankets, as we often don’t get enough snow cover; it also keeps deer and rabbits from chewing the crowns off).
Wendy has shown good disease resistance in our plantings; and keeping good spacing between plants, and the bed thinned, keeps the berries large and sweet.
This is the earliest producing June-type I’ve grown, and is far and away better flavored than Earliglow (in my opinion).
Hardy in USDA zones 3-8

Plants ready to ship in mid May.
For this offer, you get 4, quart size, potted strawberry plants. Plants ship to anywhere in the contiguous USA. Email me for Alaskan shipping (added fee applies); no shipment to HI, PR, or US territories.
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All strawberry plants are Certified Organic and Non-GMO, grown here on our farm in Indiana.