Sparkle Organic Heirloom Strawberry Quart Size Plant 4-pack


Strawberry Quart Size Plant Offer, 4 potted plants in offer
Sparkle organic heirloom strawberry
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Sparkle Organic Heirloom Strawberry
Quart Size 4-plant pack

Bred by J.H. Clarke of Rutgers University, NJ, in 1942.
Sparkle used to be a leading late-season cultivar, and like many old-time cultivars, it had great flavor and high yields.  But the berry size was considered too small compared to new introductions, so Sparkle was relegated to small growers who still served what the local people wanted.  Sparkle’s berry size is considered small to medium by modern standards, and the fruit is medium firm with a rich, aromatic strawberry flavor.  The yield is also very high, usually out-producing modern cultivars in yield per area. As Sparkle has a powerful runner potential, one needs to keep the planting area thinned of excessive new plants.  This will keep overall yield in the high range, as overcrowding of plants can cause a decrease in yield (strawberries are often their own worst weed).  Sparkle has resistance to some strains of red stele, but I have had no issues with any disease when they have been grown in raised beds or large pots.
USDA hardiness zones 3-8

Plants will be ready to ship in early to mid-May.
For this offer, you get 4, quart size, potted strawberry plants. Plants ship to anywhere in the contiguous USA. Email me for Alaskan shipping (added fee applies); no shipment to HI, PR, or US territories.
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All strawberry plants are Certified Organic and Non-GMO, grown here on our farm in Indiana.