Arapaho Organic Blackberry Plant


Arapaho blackberry plant
USDA Hardiness zones 5b-10
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Arapaho Blackberry
potted blackberry plant

Arapaho is currently the most consistent, early-ripening cultivar of blackberry available (for USDA zones 5b to 6b; the Prime Ark Freedom and Traveler cultivars will ripen the floricane crop ahead of Arapaho in zones 7 and warmer).
Ripening of fruit begins in mid-July and runs through the middle of August, here on our farm. Berries shape is short-conic, sometimes rounded, of medium to medium-large size, with fine sweetness and flavor. Arapaho has the smallest seeds of the six blackberry cultivars we sell. It produces strong, vigorous canes, which are self-supporting if tipped when they reach 48″-52″ in height. We are at the northern most range for Arapaho, and they will perform very well throughout southern Indiana and on south.
USDA Hardiness Zones 5b-10
Free Shipping on Quart size pot ONLY

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