Autumn Britten Primocane Producing Organic Red Raspberry


Autumn Britten primocane producing red raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 3a-9

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Autumn Britten Red Raspberry
2-gallon pot

Autumn Britten is one of the earliest fall bearing raspberry varieties. Britten’s berries turn red in mid-July, right on the heels of the summer bearing raspberries. Large, sweet fruit are firm yet juicy, and the canes are upright and vigorous. This is our primary variety for farm production, as it makes large berries that come ripe earlier in the season. Half of the fall crop will ripen over a month, with the remaining half coming ripe from August through October. Autumn Britten is disease resistant and should have a low trellis, for though the canes are sturdy, they bow under the weight of the berries.
Hardiness zones 3a-9
Patent cultivar


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