Anne Primocane Producing Golden Organic Raspberry


Anne primocane producing golden raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 4a-12

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Anne Golden Raspberry
2-gallon pot

Anne is a golden yellow, fall raspberry that has one of the most exquisite flavors of the raspberry group. It is the last of the fall raspberries to ripen, beginning in August here in Brown County, Indiana. It is not a heavy producer at this latitude, but the further south one lives, the more it will produce. Anne has a rich and colorful appearance, and it is the most coveted raspberry on our farm. My daughters love its flavor, which is distinct from the red raspberries, being sweet with a tropical fruitiness, and no tartness. The berries are large and glowing golden-yellow, and are produced on the ends of the canes. Like all of our fall raspberries, we have seen no bird predation on Anne. Moderately strong canes do best with support when fruit begins to ripen.
Hardiness zones 4a-12
Patent cultivar


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