Jaclyn Primocane Producing Organic Red Raspberry Plant


Jaclyn primocane producing red raspberry
USDA hardiness zones 3a-8b

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Jaclyn Red Raspberry
2 gallon size potted plant

Jaclyn is another success of the quad-state breeding cooperative between Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Wisconsin.  This lady was trialed on our farm in 2008 (along with Joan J), and it was a very nice surprise.  The canes are sturdy and vigorous.  The berry adheres well to the plant,  until the berry is ripe and ready to eat, and then it just comes right off.   Jaclyn has very little premature fruit drop caused by high wind or rainstorms.  The color goes from bright red to a purplish red when ripe, and the fruit is very sweet and juicy with moderate firmness (similar to Autumn Bliss).   Our kids particularly like this raspberry, due to its color and texture.  The berry shape is nice and unique, a fat conic much like a beehive hairdo, and the color was a new one to see in fall bearing raspberries.  Jaclyn has ripened earlier than other cultivars I have growing on the farm, including Autumn Britten.  Cane height is to 5 feet, fairly sturdy and vigorous, but I would still recommend staking or a trellis to hold up the beautiful, heavy fruit.  Jaclyn was the top producer of fall red raspberries in 2009, and ranked first in flavor (for three years running!) in our taste tests.  This raspberry is my number one pick for yield, earliness, and flavor.
Hardiness zone 3a to 8b.

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