Misty Organic Southern Highbush Blueberry Plant


Misty Certified Organic Southern Highbush Blueberry Plant
USDA hardiness zones 6-10


Misty Organic Southern Highbush Blueberry Plant

Misty was selected as a cultivar in 1989 in conjunction with the University of Florida, USDA, and Hartmann’s Plants.  It’s primary traits that made it stand out from hundreds of other selections were very large, sweet berries; high yields; tolerance to humidity and aridity; excellent cross-pollination of other highbush cultivars; and the berry appearance, which has a beautiful, blue bloom that stays on the berry even after picking. This is a commercial cultivar, but is excellent for the home grower looking for a sturdy, southern, low-chill blueberry plant. Yield  will be between 8-12 pounds  of berries at maturity. In it’s southern zones, usually comes ripe a little after Sharpblue (they overlap), which for north Florida would be late April to early May. Here in our zone 5b/6a, Misty ripens in late June  to early July. The leaves are also a nice blue-green hue, a unique color among blueberry plants. It offers nice ornamental value that way, and also has deeply pink-tinged flowers in spring.  I have limited quantities this year, but hope to be increasing my stock of this excellent southern highbush cultivar.

Hardy in USDA zones 6-10
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