Sharpblue Southern Highbush Organic Blueberry Plant


Sharpblue southern highbush blueberry 2 gal size plant
USDA hardiness zones 7b-10

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Sharpblue Southern Highbush Organic Blueberry Plant

Sharpblue, since its release in 1984 by UF, has become the most widely planted and adaptable of the low-chill, southern highbush cultivars available, both domestic and internationally.  Even though there have been newer cultivars released which have improved on individual aspects of Sharpblue, none have been able to replace its reliability and adaptability across such a wide growing range.  Sharpblue produces 8-12 pounds of sweet berries, with higher yields reported when irrigation and soil fertility are at their best. 
Sharpblue will grow vigorously to a mature height of 5-6 feet tall, with good structure and spreading habit.  A very full and robust shrub, Sharpblue looks great in the landscape as well.  In its most southern range, Sharpblue will remain evergreen, and bloom and fruit periodically through the year.  Does best in locations that don’t receive spring frosts that are hard and late.  Best yields in berries with cross-pollination.
Hardy in USDA zones 7b-10


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