Boyne Floricane Producing Organic Red Raspberry


Boyne heirloom floricane (i.e. “summer”) producing red raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 3-7

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Boyne Heirloom Red Raspberry
2-gallon pot

Released in 1960, Boyne ripens slightly after Prelude, and has better sweetness and less foliar disease issues in wet springs. Berries are round and deep red, fairly firm, and aromatic.
Boyne has been a consistent producer of early red raspberries here in the Midwest, and is especially hardy in the northern climates. Canes grow to about 5′ tall when mature. I have reintroduced Boyne to our farm after a hiatus of about 12 years.
USDA hardiness zones 3-7


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