Jewel Floricane Producing Organic Black Raspberry


Jewel floricane (i.e. “summer”) producing black raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 4-8

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Jewel Black Raspberry
2-gallon pot

This is the Rambling Lady of our farm, naturalizing wherever I try to keep her in an orderly way. Unless you possess a totalitarian nature, plan on your Jewels becoming a tangle, and plant them in an appropriate location (a little bit away from your house). Birds love these, and they ripen a little before (but then extend past) the wild black raspberry season. Jewel is about twice to three times the size of wild black raspberries (see picture above with Jewel at top of plate, wild berries at bottom), with every bit of their flavor and rambunctiousness (they are not, however, as mean and thorny as the wild blackberries). It is pure heaven on earth to put a handful of these jet black berries in your mouth. These are one of the first brambles (and the first black raspberry cultivar) to ripen, so they take on a very heraldic nature here on our farm.
Hardiness zones 4b-8


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