Cumberland Floricane Producing Organic Black Raspberry


Cumberland floricane (i.e. “summer”) producing black raspberry 2 gal potted plant
USDA hardiness zones 5-9

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Cumberland Heirloom Black Raspberry
2-gallon pot

Cumberland was introduced in 1890, selected from a wild population in Pennsylvania that had very large, sweet berries; so no breeding has gone into this cultivar by the hands of people. Vigor, berry size and flavor have kept this cultivar in demand for the turn of two centuries, and it has contributed in the breeding of many modern cultivars. Cumberland ripens in the middle of the black raspberry season here in IN, overlapping with the last of Jewel and the first of Blackhawk. The berries are as large as Jewel, and have that great, wild flavor which sets all black raspberries apart from other brambles. Cumberland is also a cultivar that does well in the South, to N. Florida, Texas, and So. California. This is a very fast growing cultivar, so summer pruning on the primocanes is helpful to maintain optimum size and increase the yield of quality berries the following year. I’ve not seen any disease issues with Cumberland here on our farm, and I have acres with wild black caps growing along the creek and wet meadows.
USDA hardiness zones 5-9


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