Native/Medicinal Certified Organic Herb Collection #1


Native/Medicinal Certified Organic Herb Collection #1
USDA zones 4-9

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Native/Medicinal Certified Organic Herb Collection #1

This collection consists of seed grown herbs from our farm. Some are native, some came from other parts  of the world but are naturalized in our plant communities. All of them offer excellent food  and nectar to beneficial insects; and have traditional, medicinal  uses that our ancestors  figured out long ago.
The  collection contains one each of the following as a quart size, well rooted plant:
Mondarda fistulosa (aka wild bergamont or wild bee balm, also a native plant)

Althaea officinalis (common marshmallow, native to East Europe and North Africa, but naturalized in many parts of the US)
Achillea millefolium (yarrow, a native plant)
Melissa officinalis var. Mandarina (mandarin balm, related to lemon balm but with a mandarin fragrance rather than lemon; from southern Europe)

We grow  and use these herbs here on our farm and in our daily lives.
It is something to see them growing in blocks in our nursery, where before they have just grown wild to semi-wild around our meadow areas. These are a collection of some of our favorites,  which we use throughout the year; and they also benefit pollinators and beneficial insects.

USDA hardiness zone for this collection is 4-9


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