Organic Paw Paw Collection


PawPaw collection 4, 2 gal size plants

USDA hardiness zones 4b-8
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Organic Paw Paw Collection
2 gal size Paw Paw
(Asimina triloba)

This collection includes 4 Paw Paw plants grown and shipped in 2 gal size pots (to accommodate the their deep tap root).  These are all seed-grown paw paw so they will cross pollinate each other.


Paw Paw grow  well in  USDA zones 4b-8. The Paw Paw Collection appears under the “Self-Pollinating” category as all 4 plants will cross pollinate when planted near each other.
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This collection cannot be shipped to California, Washington,  or Oregon.


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Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 8 × 8 in