Nova Floricane Producing Organic Red Raspberry


Nova floricane (i.e. “summer”) producing red raspberry 2 gal size or quart size potted plant.
USDA hardiness zones 3-8
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Nova Red Raspberry
2-gallon pot or quart size pot

Nova was bred in Nova Scotia (1981), and is one of the more northerly hardy cultivars of red raspberry that I have come across. Very strong growing canes with medium to large fruit that is bright red and firm. Berry flavor is superb. Nova is very dependable and productive, and tolerates the up and down spring weather here better than any other cultivar. Yields are the most consistent of any of the floricane (i.e. “summer”) red raspberry cultivars I have grown, and even in bad years I can count on Nova (except really bad, bad years, like April 2007, which took almost all of our spring blooming fruit crops). The canes of Nova seem to have the smallest spines of the three summer cultivars I sell. Like Prelude, Nova will produce a very light fall crop (on the primocanes) if growth has been good and the fall doesn’t cool down too quickly. Nova is strong and vigorous, and suckers less than Prelude. It also tastes much better than Prelude, and I would choose Nova over Prelude as an early ripening red raspberry cultivar every time.
Hardiness zone is 3 to 8.



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Weight 12 lbs
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