Organic Wild Elderberry 2-pack


Organic Wild Elderberry quart size plants
2, quart size plants of wild elder berry
USDA hardiness zones 4-8
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Organic Wild Elderberry 2-pack
Quart Size pots
(Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis)

This collection includes 2 wild elderberry plants grown and shipped in quart size pots (the same pots our 1-year blueberries and strawberries are grown in). The collection is 2, quart size plants of seed grown, wild elder from the Midwest.

These young plants will grow to be 6-12′ tall, are easily pruned, and very prolific flowering and fruiting. They do well in most native soils in the Midwest, East, and Southeast, and are very appreciative of soil amendments such as compost and peat moss.  Natively they prefer to be near water but not in it, and regular irrigation on upland sites will result in thriving bushes.

This 2-pack is good for USDA zones 4-8. The two plants are from seed and will cross pollinate each other.

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