Caddoo Organic Blackberry Plant


Caddoo organic blackberry plant 2 gal 24″-40″
USDA Hardiness zones 5b-10

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Caddoo Organic Blackberry
2-gallon sized potted blackberry plant

Caddoo (pronounced “kad-oh”) is the 14th release by John Clark at the University of Arkansas’s blackberry breeding program (January 2019).
The continuing goal is sweet, large berries that also maintain some firmness for markets and shipping.   Berry size is large with small seed size.  Caddoo ripens ahead of Osage but behind Natchez, which puts its berries in the earlier part of the blackberry season.  I am growing Caddoo here at our farm to see how the fruit compares, but so far I have not been disappointed with UofA’s breeding releases. They are indeed getting better and better.  Caddoo also shows strong cane vigor and has  been the fastest growing blackberry in 2020.
Hardy in USDA zones 5b-10.


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