Allegheny Serviceberry Organic Plant (Amelanchier laevis)


Amelanchier laevis 2 gallon or quart size potted organic  plant.
USDA Hardiness zone 4 to 8
Ships in 60″ tall box (for 2 gal size), oversize handling included in price.

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Allegheny Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis)
organic 2 gal  or quart sized potted plant

Also know as the known as the smooth shadbush or smooth serviceberry.  This is one of the 3 major Amelanchier species native to the Eastern US, and by far the  best tasting and fruiting of the Eastern species in my opinion (I have eaten a lot of sarvis over the years).  This species can reach 10-20′ tall as a multi-stemmed shrub, and up to 30′ tall as a single trunk treeling (my name for the little native trees in the Midwest like Dogwood, Redbud, Ironwood, Hop Hornbeam and Serviceberry).   Cedar waxwings adore this tree, and I have watched our summer flock grow and become more bold over the years since our Amelanchier laevis trees have gotten large and productive.  A great specimen or hedge tree, with beautiful blooms, fruit, and spectacular fall color. This is in the rose family, so deer will be very interested in eating it, so plan to protect them while they are young.
Recommended  in USDA  growing zones 4-8.
Ships in 60″ tall box, oversize handling included in total cost.

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