Robeson Rabbiteye Organic Blueberry Plant


Robeson Rabbiteye Blueberry 2 gal size potted plant
USDA Hardiness zones 6a-9b

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Robeson Rabbitye Organic Blueberry Plant

Named in 1996 by NCSU, Robeson is a very robust and productive rabbiteye blueberry cultivar.  Blueberries of Robeson are medium sized (like most rabbiteye cultivars), very sweet, and come ripe in mid to late June in the southern states.  Yields for a mature bush will range between 10-12# of berries.  Crossing with another early or mid season cultivar is beneficial for fruit set, either with a rabbiteye (such as Pink Champagne or Premier) or a highbush (Biloxi, O’Neal, Elizabeth, Hannah’s Choice, Patriot for example).  Robeson has produced fruit in good quantity with only highbush pollinators, and  at  least a half crop of berries when isolated from all other pollen sources.  Size of the mature bush is 6′ tall and 3′ wide, making Robeson a manageable size for a rabbiteye blueberry.  This cultivar has also shown resistance to stem blight and root rot.  Ripening time is late July here in our USDA  zone 5b.  Of all the rabbiteye cultivars I’ve grown, I have to say that Robeson grows like a weed.  I have seen in three years of growth the plant obtain 6′ in height.  It is also precocious, bearing fruit very early. If you are looking for the fastest growing blueberry for a hedge or screen planting that can bear fruit, Robeson is a good choice (just remember to add some cross pollination cultivars in the area for heavier fruit set).
USDA hardiness zones 6a-9b
Best pollinator: Premier,Pink Champagne, Biloxi, O’Neal, Hannah’s Choice, Patriot, Elizabeth.
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