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We are a small family farm and nursery in the beautiful state of Indiana.  We grow and sell only certified organic and non-gmo plants and supplies.  We serve all customers desiring to enrich their lives by growing their own delicious berries.  Thank you all for your continued support and camaraderie in building a cleaner, healthier, more respectful world.
With kindness (and berry plants!), what isn’t possible?


We are now taking orders for Spring 2020 shipments of potted berry plants.

We have large, 2 year, 2-gallon size potted berry plants that are fully rooted and ship in their pots to your garden, ready to grow.  No bare-root plants.  Looking for something smaller or good diversity for a competitive price?  Check out our Organic Berry Collections as a great and affordable way to get into berry growing. The Collections have no ground shipping cost to pay, and provide you with younger, well-rooted plants that are just 1-1½ years behind our larger 2 gallon stock. Following our Planting Guide and Plant Care guidelines, these younger plants will flourish.

Spring Special Discount on a purchase of 2 or more (any combo) Blueberry or Raspberry Quart  Size Starter Collections:  save $5 per collection if you get at least 2 collections.  Price adjustment will appear in cart at checkout (original price will have strike-through).  Discount does not apply to Strawberries, Honeyberries/Haskaps, Gooseberries, or Elderberries.

We also have FREE SHIPPING on select QUART size, 1 year potted blueberry and raspberry plants. These plants are 1 year, fully rooted plants in quart size pots. Quart size option will appear as selectable option if available. Price is $34 each (mix and match cultivars reduces per plant price), and free shipping to any state in the contiguous US. No minimum order required.

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Organic Producer #: IN-G2171-11

Certified by Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc.
through the USDA NOP.
Link below to current certificate
2019 USDA NOP Certification Certificate